You Will Fall in Love with this Victorian-Inspired Tiny House by Molecule Tiny Homes

The 1904 is a gorgeous 8 foot by 18-foot tiny house with two lofts built by Molecule Tiny Homes. This might also be one of the most unique small house designs you've seen yet with all of the interesting details. It really looks like a 100-year-old Victorian style home with the distressed siding and finishes on the exterior and all of the beautiful old ornate windows. The French doors are also a great addition since they will help to open the tiny house to the outside world. Inside, the small house design features two lofts, one with a small balcony that is accessed through a tiny door. There's also a beautiful old bay window in the living room which provides some extra space and more of that classic Victorian home design. They built this tiny house on wheels all brand new and then aged the finishes with different ageing techniques. They also seemed to use some recycled materials as well which is a great way to save some money on your small house design. Inside the tiny house, they went with mainly wood finishes and even some brick wallpaper to give the home an even more dated look. The bathroom even includes a large galvanized steel bathtub which fits perfectly under the window.

Perhaps you have been considering downsizing, or you want a little vacation home or cottage to take on the road with you. The nice thing about tiny houses on wheels is that you can take them to any location you like so you don't have to invest in a cabin in one set place. The same goes for full-time living. By living full-time in a tiny house on wheels, you can try living in many different places instead of feeling the pressure to buy a home wherever you happen to live. Small house living isn't just for the adventurous either. Living in a tiny house on wheels would be a great way to start out on a piece of land you just purchased. That way you would have a tiny house to live in as soon as you bought the land and then you could also live in it as you build your more substantial home. Once you are living in your larger home, you could then rent out or use your tiny house as a guest suite. Some people also use their tiny houses as home offices or studios for crafts and art. Putting your tiny house on wheels on Airbnb will be sure to attract travellers who are interested in small house living.

When you're parking a tiny house on wheels something to keep in mind is your power source. If you have solar panels installed on your tiny house, you can park it pretty much anywhere. You'll also need propane appliances and a composting toilet to make this work the best. As well as an off-grid water system like a water storage tank and you can also look into rainwater harvesting. If you have a source of electricity on your property, you can also just get an RV type of power attached to your tiny house to plug into a power source. If you have a well and water on your property, you can usually hook up to the water through a garden hose. Usually, the home will have to be no more than 100 feet away from a power supply to get electricity and water. Check out this small house design and see if you think you could imagine yourself living in a tiny house like it. If you like the idea of small house living be sure to check out more of the tiny houses on the Molecule Tiny Homes website.***

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