You Can Try Out Tiny House Living at the Hope Island Cottage

This bed and breakfast located near La Conner, Washington is unlike anything you've seen before. The bed and breakfast is a tiny house on wheels, beautifully done with wood throughout, with a queen sized bed in the loft, with skylights to fall asleep to the stars, and plenty of windows. The Hope Cottage tiny house building is $125 per night. This rate includes a private Infrared sauna, water, sewer and electric, and WiFi. The rate is based on two-person occupancy. If a tiny house on wheels is something you might be considering, a good idea is to stay in one first to see if small house living if for you.

A tiny house on wheels can be a good idea if you are thinking about downsizing, or looking for a vacation home or guest house. There are several benefits to tiny house buildings, with one of the biggest benefits is saving money. Buying an expensive home may lead to financial disaster. The smaller the home, the lower the cost. Not only will you be able to save money on your monthly budget, but if you have saved a fair amount, you might be able to pay for the whole tiny house building up front and completely open up your budget for other things. Freedom from debt. Big houses have big mortgages, whereas smaller houses can result in little to no mortgage at all if you pay for your tiny house building outright. And without that big mortgage, you dont have to feel the stress of wondering how you will be able to make your payments if you were to someday lose your job or come across other financial hardships. Freedom from stuff. When you live in a tiny house building, you have very limited space. This will force you to declutter all that stuff and only keep the things that you use frequently.

With a tiny house on wheels, you can take your home with you. This is the biggest benefit of a tiny house on wheels. A large number of tiny house buildings are being built upon truck beds, which makes moving easy. Just think of the possibilities. You could move your tiny house on wheels when you take a new job without having to sell and buy a new one. And with a tiny house on wheels, you don't have to worry about hiring a mover or a U-Haul as you can take your home with you. Never have to pay for a hotel room on your road trip, as you already own a vacation home. More time. Large homes take a lot of time to maintain. With a tiny house building you can clean your house in minutes, and with less stuff, there is also less stuff to fix. The size of your home is proportional to the amount of free time that you have. With less house to take care of, you have more time to do the things you really want to do, and that is liberating. Better quality home. With a tiny house building you essentially have less home, so you can afford to upgrade the quality your home because you have been able to cut down on the building materials and the cost of the home significantly. Putting in that marble counter-top shouldnt cost that much when it is only 5 square feet.

You will find this tiny house on wheels at the Facebook - Hope Island Cottage site. On the site, you will find out more about this tiny house building where you can experience small house living. The tiny house on wheels is available to rent. **

Learn MORE at Facebook - Hope Island Cottage

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