We Have Found the Cutest Tiny House by Lexa Dome Homes

These are some of the cutest and most innovative small house designs we've seen yet, and you might like them too. These cool dome homes are created by Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. a company started up by Axel Tischbein who has a very in-depth knowledge of the housing industry. He even built his own house on Vancouver Island, and he has been the lead contractor on many building projects and home renovations which gives him a lot of experience in building. Lexa homes have been built all over the world now, and they are lovely rounded or curved structures that provide green alternatives for small house living and working environments alike. The company chose the dome shape for their homes because it provides a full circle of arches which are the strongest forms known to man. You can even see this in the Roman ruins that many of the arches are still intact. Many dome homes and structures are built out of concrete, but the Lexa domes are made of wood and curved wood panels that replace the conventional stick framing construction. This not only makes them very sturdy and stable, but they can also be built in less time. Most of their small house designs can be built within 2 weeks.

The other great thing about the Lexa dome homes is that they use fewer materials than common stick frame housing which means fewer materials are needed which is good for the environment and it's also very cost-effective. They are not quick and cheap homes by any means, they are made with high-quality materials, but when compared to regular construction methods, they are more affordable and easier to build. They create not only tiny houses for small house living, but also garden sheds, storage structures and garages. You can check out the different dome sizes on their website to see what is available. Keep in mind that the models can be changed to suit the needs of the customer. Much like other tiny house companies, you can buy a Lexa dome home at various stages of completion. They can simply supply the shell of the tiny house, a partial shell or a full turn-key home that you can move into right away. The small house designs from Lexa Dome Homes are so unique, so they would be perfect for someone who wants something a bit out of the ordinary plus eco-friendly.

Whenever you're planning on building a home or any other type of structure, it's great to get some ideas and inspiration online or in books and magazines. If you are considering building a tiny house, something like these dome homes could be the best option for you especially if you own your own land. If you don't own your own land, you may want to look into building a tiny house on wheels so you can move it around as needed and rent out some land to park it on. When you're building a small house design like this for permanent small house living, you will also need to lay down a proper foundation which is best done by a professional. So always keep that in mind when you're thinking about your budget and set aside a few thousand dollars for the foundation alone. The cost of the foundation will all depend on what size of tiny house you're building and if you just want a flat slab foundation or if you'd like a basement foundation for more space in your home. Have a look at some of the great small house designs on the Lexa Dome Home website and see if you could picture yourself living in one of these cute homes.***

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