Vancouver Couple Build 500 Square Foot Tiny House with a Garage and Balcony

Check out this great small house design created by couple Brendon and Akua. Their home is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and it's a total of 500 square feet. They had some help from Smallworks Studios and Laneway Housing in Vancouver which really helped them in the process of creating their tiny house. This tiny house is built on a foundation, so it's a great frame of reference for those who would rather build their tiny house design on a foundation rather than a trailer. Building a tiny house on a trailer might be great for those who don't own land of their own or who are looking to travel or move around with their tiny house often. For those who already have land, building a small house design is a great idea to save money and to build something practical that will suit their lifestyle. These tiny houses on foundations are not only great for small house living they are also wonderful for guest or rental suites as well. The couple chose to live in their tiny house full-time, so they wanted to make sure that it had enough space for them and children once they started to have them. They used Laneways West Coast Loft model which features a great living room, a loft bedroom, a nice kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony.

If you know how expensive Vancouver's houses can be, it's not surprising why the couple would choose small house living. They didn't even need to buy their own land since they were able to build their tiny house in Brendons parent's backyard. That would be a good choice if you didn't mind sharing land with a family member, but there may also be other people interested in selling you a portion of their land for a reasonable price. If you can't afford to buy land right away, a tiny house on wheels might be a better option for you so that you can park it on someone's land and save money to be able to afford your own land. One of the other great things about their small house design is that they integrated a garage into the design for storage and parking their car. The balcony is right above the garage which creates a great place to lounge outside when the weather is nice. The rooflines were kept flat so that they could eventually install solar panells or maybe have a living roof at some point.

Inside, the home is light and airy, and it's actually a lot larger than you might think it would be. The key to small house design is to keep things minimal inside the house. The use of clean lines and the minimal decor in the couple's home really shows this well. Their kitchen is beautiful will all white walls and cabinets and then dark grey countertops and tiles. They went with polished concrete floors throughout the home which is a very economical and eco-friendly choice for flooring, plus it looks great. This small house design also makes small house living wonderful because of all the windows in the home. If you're considering building a tiny house, these designs will be a great inspiration to you and will show you just what you can do with a smaller space. You can also check out more small house living articles on the Tiny House Talk website and more videos to inspire you to build your own tiny house on YouTube. The couple also has their own blog where they talk about their tiny house and the journey the took to get to where they are today.***

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