Travel-Minded Couple Live Tiny to Save Up for International Adventure

Do you dream of travelling around the world but your mortgage is keeping you stuck in one place? Or maybe your rent is ridiculously high, and you can't save your money to go travelling. Couple Michelle and Blake could be of inspiration to you as they also have dreams of travelling and even living overseas, but they want to work on saving for their travels. They had the great idea to create a small house design that they could live in with their dogs that would help them save up for their future plans and dreams. So they reached out to Tiny House Nation, a popular TV show that helps people make their small house living dreams come true. The couple wanted a tiny house that they could not only live in comfortably but that they could also entertain friends in too. Tiny House Nation has an excellent team of small house designers and builders that really brought their small house design ideas to life. They were able to fit in separate eating areas for their two dogs, two great lofts, and a place to host poker games. It's so incredible that this all fit into a tiny house on wheels that is less than 400 square feet. The exterior of the house looks very modern and stylish with a mix of wood, white and black siding. Instead of going with a regular door, they went with a sliding glass door which works really well to open up the space.

Inside the tiny house, the floor plan is nice and open. They have a living room in the centre of the small house design with a built-in wood entertainment centre that has a fireplace in it. Then, the couch moves out of the way, and they can have their poker table and chairs set up for a poker night which they enjoy hosting at their home. This is one of the great things about a tiny house; you can implement your passions and pastimes into the small house design and make it all your own. So if you love to read and can't live without a book collection, you should make sure that your small house design includes a library and an area to read. Or maybe you have a record collection; you could then implement a record player and record storage in your tiny house. For those that enjoy cooking, having a good kitchen in their tiny house would be essential. The kitchen in this tiny house is a great example of what you can have in a tiny house on wheels. It features a full-sized stove and oven and fridge with cabinets all walls. There is also a dining space close by too.

One of the things that you'll have to figure out in your tiny house to make small house living more efficient is storage. This small house design shows off some incredible storage ideas including the Mason jar storage under their cabinets. You can store all of your spices and herbs in the jars and unscrew them as you need to use them. Also, their staircase leading up to the loft also has lots of storage in it too which is a great idea for any tiny house. In the main loft, they were able to gain some more headroom by sinking the bed into the loft floor, and they put some nice small windows in the loft to allow light and views of the surrounding area into their bedroom to make it feel less crowded. To check out more tiny houses like this one check out Tiny House Nation on the FYI network.***

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