Transforming Off the Grid Trailer

Love camping but not into tenting it? This sweet little camper might be perfect for you. This mini house on wheels comes from Rent Off The Grid, and it's one of their Off The Grid Rentals known as the Socal Teardrop or Krawler. It is equipped to handle all terrains with the Falken tires on Method Race Wheels. It's much like the mini house trailers from the 1950s and 60s that you can still find for sale second hand. Many people buy small mobile homes second hand and then refurbish them to bring them up to current styles and specifications. This tiny camper sleeps two adults, but it also has the option of coming with a roof top tent so there is room to sleep three more people on top which would be great for a family of 5. This way no one has to sleep on the cold, hard ground anymore or be annoyed by the wind. The camper also features double sealed doors and windows to make it dust-free, water proof and insulated from cold and noise. Since this camper is so tiny, it can be towed by most vehicles easily, and it also comes with a built-in electronic brake controller. To sleep on there is a full sized 4-inch thick memory foam mattress which measures 4.6 feet wide by 6.6 feet long. There are LED cabin lights, a ceiling fan and vent, USB outlets a radio with AM and FM as well as a CD player and auxiliary input. It's completely off-grid thanks to the deep cycled 12v battery and 100-watt solar panel which is retractable.

There is also a 30-gallon water tank with an electric pump and a sink mounted on the side. There's even a propane stove with two burners that's mounted on a drawer and it comes with a 5 pound propane tank. You can also get a small fridge in the camper as well. They even give you certain utensils, a cutting board and dishes. This camper can be rented out for a night or longer so you can plan a trip without having to buy one of these campers. The other great thing about that is that you can try out camping in one of these campers before you buy one of your own to see if it would suit your needs. Or if you don't ever want to buy one, you can just continue to rent their campers out to take on your camping trips.

While this camper could not be lived in full-time, it would be a nice size of camper to take travelling, even for longer trips. Larger campers have been turned into small mobile homes, but they are usually at least 16 feet long at the minimum. They are also usually wider at 8.5 feet wide instead of 4.6 like this camper trailer is and small mobile homes also usually have higher ceilings too with a maximum height of 13.6 feet high. The reason mini houses on trailers have to be within these guidelines is to fit on the highway so they can be towed safely without a pilot vehicle or a special permit to tow them. The smaller the mini house or camper, the easier it will be to tow, and a small trailer like this teardrop one could even possibly be towed by a smaller car. Smaller campers will also save you gas since it doesn't weigh a lot. If you're considering buying one of these cute teardrop campers, check out these ones first and rent one out before you take the plunge to see if you really like it.***

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