Tiny House with a Tiny Hot Tub by Tiny Wood Homes of England

Living in a tiny house on wheels doesn't mean you have to limit yourself or your small house design. If you are thinking of building a tiny house on wheels but you'd like to have the luxury of having a hot tub, this tiny house from Tiny Wood Homes of England shows you that it's very possible. The beautiful wood covered tiny house fits a hot tub on the neck of the trailer. Currently, the tiny houses from Tiny Wood Homes are only available in England, and they start at around $57,000. Even though they are only available there, if you live somewhere else, you can always use the small house design as an inspiration for your own designs. As you're planning your design, you may want to consider involving a hot tub specialist in the planning process to make sure you're designing it properly, and then you may even want a professional to install it too. Hot tubs can create a lot of issues when they are not installed correctly which is something you don't want to risk for your tiny house. The great thing about this small house design is that they also installed a door that leads right out to the patio with the hot tub on it, so you don't have to go out the main door which is further away.

Inside, the house is very open which makes small house living easier. There is a living area and a tiny kitchenette in as well as a wood burning stove in the middle of the space. They added in a custom couch which can fold out to be a bed so that the tiny house can accommodate up to six people for sleeping. That would be great for guests and sleepovers, but it wouldn't be ideal to live in a small house with six people. Small house living is best when there are two people or one person, and sometimes with larger small houses, a family with small children can live comfortably in the tiny house. They added two twin beds on one end of the tiny house, and there are also lots of great opening windows to allow the air to circulate. The larger bedroom is on the other end of the tiny house, and it is accessed by a cute winding staircase and features a queen-sized bed and even more windows. The interesting shape and structure of the ceiling provide lots of head space in the loft areas which is great.

Other options for a tiny house roof include doing a typical gable roof which is most common. This provides you with great headroom on either side of the loft, and you can even add skylights to expand that space even more. A shed roof is also popular in tiny house design, and they provide a lot of extra space in a tiny house, plus they look really modern on the exterior of the house too. The only thing is, the shed roof will provide more ceiling height on one side of the home than the other which can make things tricky in the loft space. Another option is to do a gambrel roof or a rounded roof, but a professional builder would best do these as they require a bit of expertise to create. Have a look through all of the photos of this tiny house and see if you would love to live in it. Before you commit to small house living it's also a great idea to rent out a few tiny houses on wheels to see how you'd enjoy living in one first.***

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