This Tiny House Features Exquisite Contemporary Design

Here's some great tiny house inspiration for you if you're looking to build a tiny house of your own. Even if you're not looking to move into small house living, looking at different small house designs can be fun. This small house design comes from AL Tiny Homes based in Mount Olive, Alabama. They have some great designs that are very contemporary and stylish including this tiny house. You can check out the exterior of the home which is done in wood and metal siding. It's nice how they did mainly wood siding on the tiny house, but then they framed the door with metal siding. This helps to make the home look more modern, and it also cuts down on the weight of wood to keep the overall weight of the tiny house low. It's important to keep the weight of a tiny house on wheels low since the trailer can only handle so much weight. Usually, the trailer weight capacity will be a factor in the small house design so that it can handle the weight of the tiny house and the occupants. Wood tends to weigh a lot, so it's nice to implement other materials into the design whenever possible. Inside the home, they went with decor that is light and dark to create some nice contrast. The colours are also kept very minimal which helps to keep the space feeling open and airy.

To keep the air circulating in this tiny house, they installed a stylish ceiling fan in the centre of the small house design which will especially help in the hot weather. That's another thing that is very important when it comes to small house living; you need to keep a small space properly ventilated. This will reduce the risk of mold growth, and it will also help to keep the air fresh and clean in the home. You can also get air vents for the bathroom and kitchen to ventilate any humidity out of the home. Having plenty of windows that open is also a great idea in a tiny house. Skylights are especially great for ventilating warmer air out of the tiny house too. The kitchen in this small house design is perfect for small house living. The tiles on the backsplash look great, and the countertops go really well with them. They also included stainless steel apartment sized appliances which add to the contemporary look and a lot of great white cabinets for storage. The same beautiful tiles were also used in the shower which is a great idea to create continuity throughout the small house design. The bathroom is a great size for a tiny house, and it has a large shower with a flush toilet and a glass-topped vanity.

The upstairs loft is a bedroom area, and even though it's not as spacious as the main level, it's still got enough space to enjoy a good night's sleep. The living room area is really open and includes lots of furniture, with a sofa that converts into a bed to sleep on at night. This is always a good idea if you think you'll be having guests sleep over, or if you're not sure if you'll enjoy sleeping in the loft space. Another great idea is to stay in a few different tiny houses on wheels before your commit to small house living. You can try out different designs and get a feel for small house living before you invest in your own small house on wheels. Check out all of the great photos of this tiny house and see if it's one you could see yourself living in.***

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