These 35 Enchanting Tiny Houses Look Just Like Real Life Fairy Houses

If you think you know all there is to do with small house living, you'll want to take a look at these unique small house plans. Each tiny house building has a look of its own in a unique small house plan all of its own. The tiny house buildings have the look and feel of tiny fairy houses, and you'll want to take a closer look as you are sure to be inspired. The imaginative, unique small house plans include all sorts of whimsical details and can bring magic into location. You'll want to take a look at the 35 enchanting tiny house buildings. The following are just some fo the unique small house plans you'll see.

1. Cob Cottage. The Cob Cottage tiny house building looks like a bit like a fairy mushroom house. This unique small house plan is located in the hills of British Columbia and takes its cues from its environment. The Cobb Cottage has a tiny house design and uses building materials that reflect its surroundings. The interior of the Cobb Cottage is just as gorgeous and unusual as the exterior of the tiny house building, and there is an outdoor deck that offers views of the woods. And the best thing about this unique small house plan is that you can stay here on your next visit to British Columbia. The Cob Cottage is available to rent through Airbnb.

2. The Rustic Way Cottages. The Rustic Way Cottages are unique small house plans developed by Dan Pauly. Some of the tiny house buildings are guest cottages and tiny house designs, while the others function as playhouses, saunas or sheds. What makes this tiny house building unique is the asymmetrical design and the crooked chimney. The tiny house building also has a built-in flower box, iln a tiny house design that is both rustic and fanciful. Each small cottage home is built out of reclaimed wood.

3. The Jack Sparrow House. This unique small house plan with its distinctive door is located in Cornwall. The tiny house building has a lovely little garden outside, and a beautiful view of the sea from the bedroom window. Imagine waking up to that ocean view, and the tiny cabin design is available for bookings through Airbnb are just $131 per night.

4. Phoenix Commotion Tree House. This Tree House was designed by architect Dan Phillips as an artist compound. The unique small house plan has a main house, an apartment, a working studio, and a patio. Thirty-five feet below the tiny house building is the Huntsville Town Creek. If you have a portfolio, you can rent the unique small house plan to use as your temporary studio. The tiny house building is outfitted with features that are specifically useful to artists who are working in different fields. Dancers have extra mirrors; sculptors have extra power for their tools, and so on.

5. Serene Peaceful Tower Retreat. You will love this tiny house building accommodation located in Carmel Valley in California. If youve been to the area, you know just the sort of bustling urban environment it is. But this serene tower retreat will make you feel like youve gotten away from it all. In fact, you can stay in this unique small house plan for $175 per night through Airbnb. With a kitchenette and everything that you need to be located in just one room, and a beautiful deck with an amazing view. You will find these 35 enchanting tiny house buildings at the Tiny Houses site. On the site, you will find tiny house buildings, unique small house plans, small house living and more. **

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