The Montauk from Tiny Hamptons Homes Offers Big Design in a Tiny Package

Just because a home is tiny doesn't mean that it can't have a ton of style. The Montauk from Tiny Hamptons is one of their small house designs that would be perfect for small house living. It would also be great to use as a rental unit to rent out on Airbnb or to use as a tiny vacation home, a guesthouse or an in-law suite. The uses for tiny houses are endless; some people even use them as small office buildings. The idea of the home being mobile is what appeals to a lot of people as well as the fact that they are so affordable. Tiny Hamptons Homes works with their customers to create the perfect small house design. You can gather up all of your ideas for your tiny house build and bring them to the builders to be made into your own personal home. It helps to look at a bunch of other small house designs as you're deciding on your own design to help you narrow down the different things you'd like in your tiny house on wheels. Most people will have a kitchen, a bathroom and a sleeping area. The sleeping area can either be on the main floor or in a loft above the main level. For most people, they prefer to sleep up in a loft so that the main level can be used for daily use, and since many people living in small houses work from home, it's nice to separate work from sleeping.

These tiny houses are built by Mark and Jessica and their team who makes up Tiny Hamptons Homes. They both grew up on Long Island attending Westhampton Beach high school together. Since they both have the drive to make things, they loved the idea of helping others create the small house designs of their dreams. So they have been doing so since 2016. They have been the first company to build small houses in Long Island, New York. All of their designs pay close attention to detail and have so many great design features. They use all cedar wood siding on the exterior which helps to save weight, and it's a very good option that will brave all of the elements. They also use metal roofing for this reason, and on the interior walls, they use pine tongue and groove or shiplap siding which is stronger than other panelling. Tongue and groove also moves really well as the tiny house is being moved. In this tiny house called The Montauk, they have installed stainless steel appliances in the kitchen including a refrigerator, a gas stove, and a microwave. They use full-sized fridges in larger small house designs, and apartment sized fridges in the smaller designs. For the countertops they use quality granite, quartz or butcherblock which are all great choices. Some of the units can also come with a dishwasher which would make small house living really easy.

You can also add in a combo washer and dryer unit in the tiny houses that are larger than 24 feet and solar power as an additional upgrade. There are also fresh, grey and black water tanks available too. There are a couple of different options when it comes to the type of build you get. One option gets you the custom tiny house trailer, floor insulation, subfloor, two by four framing and it will be wrapped in housing wrap. The prices are $13,000 for a 20-foot long tiny house, $15,000 for a 24 foot, and $18,000 for a 29 foot. The second option will include everything from the first option as well as windows and metal roofing. Check out more details on their website.***

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