The Delightful 400 Square Foot “DeeDee” by Titan Tiny Homes

Are you intrigued by small house living? Even if you're not interested in living in a tiny house of your own, you may be very excited to see all of the cute small house designs that are being created all around the world. Titan Tiny Homes is one of the growing tiny house building companies in the United States, and if you are considering building a tiny house on wheels, they might just be the builders to hire to build your tiny house. They offer high-quality tiny houses and have been building since 2015. You can get a beautiful, affordable, tiny house with all of the amenities you need to live your life to the fullest. Downsizing to small house living means having a very practical and efficient home with less square footage to maintain. The tiny houses are built on RV trailers which also means that these small houses can be transported wherever you need to go. The tiny house movement is all about living a simpler life and getting in a tiny house will definitely help you to simplify your life. You can get rid of a lot of stuff that you no longer use or need and feel lighter. You will also have lower house payments or rent payments, and you could even possibly afford to work fewer hours so you can pursue your passions.

This small house design sits on a 20-foot long trailer, and it's finished with some beautiful copper steel siding that looks really stylish. Using metal siding also keeps the weight of the tiny house lower, so it's lighter on the trailer and easier to tow behind your vehicle. Each of their small house designs is customized to suit the customer's style and needs so you can choose any colour and type of siding you like. Other options could be vinyl or wood siding which would look equally as good. The wood is great for giving your home a cabin vibe. Inside, the small house design is just as beautiful as the exterior. They were really able to fit a lot into this 20-foot tiny house too. There is a little kitchen with a sink and an induction cook-top built into the countertop. Titan Tiny Homes always installs a 10-inch deep sink in their small house designs for people have the sink space they need without sacrificing counter space. There's also a small fridge below to store food in. In the kitchen are there is also a banquet seating area with a table and bench seating with comfortable pads. The banquet would be perfect to eat at, but it also transforms into a bed if you'd need another place for guests to sleep.

The bathroom is great with a low flow toilet and a sink and shower, plus, the bedroom in this tiny house is right on the main floor which is perfect for those who don't enjoy loft spaces. For some, a loft space could be too crowded and claustrophobic so creating a small house design where the bedroom is on the main floor will make small house living much more comfortable. They also built a little nightstand in at the bottom of the bed to put items. It's all of these little things that make small house living much easier and more efficient. While this tiny house may not be best for full-time small house living, it could definitely work as a travel trailer and would provide more of a home away from home feel than a conventional RV or camper. Enjoy checking out the video tour of this tiny house on the Titan Tiny Homes website.***

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