Stay in the Casa Rosa at Austin’s Original Tiny Home Hotel in Texas

Before building a tiny house of your own, it's important to do some research to see if you'll enjoy small house living. A great idea is to stay in a few different tiny houses before you start a tiny house building project of your own. The Casa Rosa is a tiny house at the Texas Tiny Home Hotel that you could stay in for a night or more to experience small house living. This tiny house on wheels was built with some room to spare. The design is an open floor concept with space for more than a couple of guests. Not only is there a bedroom on the main floor, but there is also a cozy bedroom and bed in the loft area. There is also a great spacious seating area inside and a small front porch on the front of the house. The home has a very classic and traditional style with a lovely little ornate window above the porch in the other loft. The other loft that isn't used for sleeping can be used for storage which you can never have enough of in a tiny house on wheels. If you're just using your tiny house as a vacation home, you may not need as much space as you would if you had a tiny house you were living in full-time.

This small house design has lots of storage in it including a bench seat in the loft and lots of cabinets in the kitchen. They also installed an apartment sized fridge in the kitchen as well as an induction cooktop that is built into the countertop. There is also a microwave oven, a toaster, a coffee maker and a single basin sink. Across from the kitchenette, there is a nice fold down table that can be stored away when it's not in use. Most people who live in tiny houses will also use their kitchen table as a desk or workspace. It's important to have multifunctional furniture in a tiny house because it will save you from having to buy a piece of furniture for each individual purpose and it will save space. You will have to come up with some storage to store items away though as leaving items out can look quite cluttered. They don't show the bathroom in the photos of this Casa Rosa tiny house, but there is a shower in it. Most tiny houses will have a shower, but you can also opt to install a bathtub if you love to take baths.

The Casa Rosa costs $127 per night to stay in so if you're in Austin, Texas you can book a night or two to see what it would be like to live in a tiny house of your own. Besides the Casa Rosa, they also have The Sabine, Hope, Joy, The Austin and Destiny. They each have different styles, and they are different sizes with the Hope tiny house being the largest one. If you're not going to Texas, but you still would like to stay in a tiny house on your travels, check Airbnb for different tiny house rentals in the area you'd like to explore. Then you could decide if you want to start your own tiny house building project and decide whether you want to live in your tiny house full-time or if you'd just like it to be a portable vacation home. Most people prefer tiny houses on wheels to RVs since they are constructed more like real homes with regular fixtures and finishes. Check out all of the photos of the Casa Rosa and see what you think.***

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