Spacious and Luxurious Tiny House with Room for Big Toys

The Sawtooth is one of the newest tiny house models from Tiny Idahomes. This small house design even features the option of hauling ATVs, motorcycles and other toys right in the home through the garage door on the back end. So it would be an excellent tiny house design for anyone who loves to bring their toys with them on vacation. Full-time small house living could also be very comfortable in this tiny house on wheels since it's built on a 34-foot 5th wheel gooseneck trailer. Like other tiny houses, this one is 8.6 feet wide, and it has a barrel roof with a total height of 13.5 feet. The bedroom is in the gooseneck portion of the trailer and can fit a queen size bed with some lift up storage underneath. They also include a beautiful custom built desk and closet with handcrafted barn doors. The bathroom is close to the master bedroom with a 36-inch one-piece shower, regular flush toilet and a small sink and medicine cabinet. The beautiful kitchen area features a deep 24-inch single basin stainless-steel sink, a 20-inch stainless steel four-burner range, a 9.2 cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator and a counter with a bar area. There is also a couch lift system in the living room so that the bed can go up and the wall can come down to create a ramp for an ATV to be loaded up. There is even a heated storage area under the gooseneck part of the trailer.

The small house can also be made to go completely off-grid for an additional cost. The base price for this luxurious tiny house on wheels is $73,595. The tiny house also features blow in fibreglass insulation which is R-13 for the floor, R-15 for the walls, and R-15 for the ceiling. Having the proper insulation in your tiny house will make all the difference for keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When you build a tiny house with Tiny Idahomes, you can also choose all of the colours of the exterior siding and the interior pine tongue and groove. The windows are white, and the customer can choose the colour of the trim as well. If you would like the tiny house to be off-grid, you will need to get a composting toilet which is not provided, but they will provide the hookup for it. Composting toilets are pretty easy to find, and they cost less than $2,000 brand new.

You will also notice that there is an all in one washer dryer unit in the tiny house as well which can be purchased for about $1,000 or so. Having laundry right in the tiny house will make small house living so much easier, and it will feel like a regular home. This particular small house design would be perfect for taking on vacation with all of the great features it has. A great idea for anyone who doesn't want to buy a cabin in one set spot or someone who wants to travel around and have all of the comforts of home. Some people may think why not just buy an RV in that case? But RVs just don't have that same feeling of home like these tiny houses do. They look and feel more like your regular home which is very nice when you're on vacation. All you would need is a good heavy duty truck to tow the tiny house on wheels behind. Enjoy looking at this tiny house tour and see some of the other tiny houses on the Tiny House Listings YouTube channel.***

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