Richs Portable Cabins Designs Tiny House with Pull-Outs

Seeing all of these new tiny houses on wheels out there can really interest people in building a tiny house of their own. If the tiny house movement has inspired you, you may like this cute small house design from Rich's Portable Cabins. This particular cabin was built for a demonstration to show an 8-foot wide tiny house that can be made into a 13-foot wide floor plan. The small house design can expand in a matter of 15 minutes or so with some physical work and help from another couple of people. Instead of the extensions being at different heights, in this small house design, all of the floors are flush with each other, so you don't have to get different pieces of furniture for each area. Instead of using built-in seating or benches, you can use regular household furniture. It also makes for easier mobility which is important for some. These small house designs also include a loft for storage or another sleeping space. The loft is accessed by a ladder which can be stored away when it's not in use. The main bedroom can fit a king sized bed with room to walk around. There is also a bathroom that features a 3-foot by 4-foot shower with an on-demand propane water heater, a sink and a regular flush toilet. The kitchen is fully equipped with lots of cabinet storage, a gas or an electric fridge and an all in one laundry machine.

The only thing about this tiny house on wheels is that it wouldn't be the best for taking on the road frequently since the push-outs would be tricky to handle constantly. If you have a piece of property that you want a vacation or starter home on, this would be a great option. When the tiny house is compact, it's 13.6 feet high, 8.6 feet wide and 31 feet long. There are 232 square feet of space inside in total, and it weighs about 9,000 pounds. Most tiny houses, including this one, are built using 2 by 4 wall construction. This one includes R-13 wall insulation, R-19 floor insulation, R-21 ceiling insulation and laminate flooring on the main level. They can do either plywood or laminate flooring in loft. The windows throughout the small house design are double pane low energy efficient windows which will be great for keeping the tiny house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The cabinets in the kitchen are all Hickory wood cabinets, and they went with laminate countertops. Another great feature in the tiny house is the ceiling fan in the living room which will the air circulating in the house. A 50 amp RV power cord supplies the power with a 120 amp main panel service box, and there is also air conditioning and propane radiant heat. You can also choose the flooring for your own small house design depending on what suits you best for small house living. You can have laminate, hardwood, carpet, or vinyl. You can also choose between log siding, smart panel lap siding, or cedar lap siding and you can choose the colour of the roof. Some people like to have a different heat source in their tiny house as well so a wood stove could be a good addition to any small house design. Or even an electric heating panel or a propane fireplace. They will also include all of the water supply and greywater management as well if you like. Check out more of their small house designs and see which ones you like the most.***

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