Perch & Nest Releases Newest Family Size Tiny Farmhouse on Wheels

The Roost 36 is a tiny house on wheels from Perch & Nest that you are sure to love. The cabin building is 36 feet long with a screened in porch, a farmhouse style kitchen, retractable rear doors, and enough room for four. You'll want to take a look at the Tiny r(E)volution site and see for yourself, you are sure to be inspired.

Farmhouse style is warm, relaxing and cozy, full of charm and character. The farmhouse style of decoring avoids modern sensibilities and goes back to a simpler time. That said, farmhouse decorating can be savvy. To keep farmhouse style from looking too country kitsch, you want to have a balance of old and new. Farmhouse decorating should be clean, stylish and warmhearted. You also want to make sure that your farmhouse style in your cabin building is in tune with nature, but not full of details like dried flowers and rooster paraphernalia. Practicality Rules. Originally, farmhouse cabin buildings were decorated with whatever was both handy and practical. These days farmhouse style whether it be in your tiny house on wheels or your cabin building uses practicality as an important factor. Nothing in your tiny house on wheels should be too delicate or precious. Instead, you want items that are hardy while still maintaining some sophistication and style. Also, a cabin building that is decorated in farmhouse style should have flea market finds that are combined with newer pieces. For instance, an old harvest table in your cabin building and shaker cabinets combine beautifully with stainless steel appliances and light fixtures that are modern in a farmhouse kitchen.

Barn Board. Using reclaimed barn board is a great way to add in some history and country character to a cabin building or tiny house on wheels. It can be used on the floors, walls, in furniture, like shelving and more. Exposed Wood Beams. Like barn board, exposed wood beams keep an element of nature in your home and add some great architectural detail. If you've got 'em consider yourself lucky, and if you don't consider installing some. Butcher Block. Butcher block countertops are great in farmhouse kitchens because they keep the style relaxed. Butcher block countertops have a great rustic quality and will stay in good shape as long as you properly care for them. If a kitchen full of butcher block countertops doesn't feel practical for your cabin building, you might consider just the kitchen island. Apron Sinks. This is a no-brainer for country kitchens; apron sinks are almost a must for farmhouse style. Mix the apron sinks with some shaker-style kitchen cabinets, and you are guaranteed to achieve the farmhouse look.

Vintage Furniture. You don't want to necessarily want to fill your entire cabin building with vintage furniture, but you should have some. Pair your new sofa with a couple of vintage side chairs and tables. A vintage chest looks great when it is paired with a new bed, vintage lights that have been rewired add character to rooms, with the point being to mix and match and bring some history into your tiny house on wheels or cabin building. Weathered Finishes. Rough wood and peeling paint can help in creating the farmhouse look. That's not to say that you want things to be completely dilapidated in your cabin building, but you don't want everything to look too shiny and new. You will find the Roost 36 tiny house on wheels at the Tiny r(E)volution site. On the site, you will find cabin buildings, tiny houses on wheels, sustainability, small house living and so much more. **

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