New Zealand Couple Build Tiny House to Live in During College and Beyond

This young New Zealand couple shows us that tiny house building is a great option. The couple decided to build their own tiny house on wheels after seeing a bunch of tiny houses online and in TV shows. They figured that it would be a great way to save money while going to college and then to live in afterwards so they would have enough money to settle into their careers. This is an excellent example of tiny house building because they did it all on their own with some financial help from their parents. They were able to buy all of the materials for their house and design it using Sketch Up with ideas they had collected from other small house designs they had seen online, on TV and in person. They went to other people's tiny houses to take a tour and check out different small house designs which are a great idea to do before you start buying your own materials or decide on building a tiny house of your own. You could even stay in a tiny house on wheels in your area for a few nights to get a feel for what it would be like to live in your own.

By staying or touring other small house designs, you get an idea of what you like in a small house design and what you need to implement into your own tiny house building project. For example, you may want to have a bedroom on the main floor after sleeping in a loft and realizing that you don't really like it that much. Or, you may love sleeping in a loft, but you would prefer to have a staircase leading up to it to make it easily accessible. There are so many different small house design options even though you're working with such a tiny house, so it's essential to see all sorts of different designs and open your mind to the possibilities you have to work with. You can see that this couple even decided to implement a huge opening skylight in their loft bedroom which is a great way to open up the space up there. They said that they would even go out to the roof to hang out sometimes. Having a skylight like this is also great for ventilation which is very important in a small house design since it can get pretty stuffy in a smaller space.

If you are thinking about building a tiny house of your own, it might even help to watch tiny house building tutorials online or go to tiny house building workshops to learn more about building. Some people also hire on contractors to help them out with the things they aren't sure about like the electric and plumbing which can be tricky to sort out yourself. If you're not keen on building your own tiny house on wheels from scratch, some companies will create you a shell of a tiny house on a trailer, and you can finish it all up. So you would basically just have the interior finishing to do when it arrives. You will also have to think about appliances and fixtures like your stove, fridge and laundry units. As well as your toilet, sinks and shower or bathtub. This small house design features a composting toilet which is very common for small house design and a stand-up shower which saves a lot of space in the home. Check out the entire video to become inspired by this couple and to get some more information about tiny house building.***

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