Greenmoxie Unveils Off-Grid and Eco-Friendly 340 Square Foot Tiny House

Do you love small house design? Or maybe you're interested in small house living or having a small house to use as a vacation home. This is one of the many cool small house designs out on the market these days from Green Moxie. Green Moxie is a small house builder who takes pride in reducing their impact on the Earth. They do a lot of recycling and upcycling when it comes to their tiny houses. One of the reasons they got into tiny house building in the first place was because of how environmentally friendly they saw tiny houses being. There are really a lot of ways to build eco-friendly and affordable tiny houses, and this is one company that takes advantage of those ideas and puts them into great homes. They are focused on mainly building off-grid, sustainable and eco-friendly tiny houses that will be comfortable for small house living. Designer David Shephard and builder Ian Fotheringham created the first Green Moxie tiny house which is a great 340 square foot small house design that starts at $65,000 US. This tiny house would be perfect for small house living or to use as a travel trailer or vacation home. They built this home using inspiration from other tiny house designs, and they just kept getting more ideas as they built the home.

This tiny house really has it all, and for that price, it is a turn-key option that is ready to be lived in. The price includes the entire building envelope as well as the 30 foot, 10-ton custom built trailer that the house is built upon. The trailer of the tiny house acts as the foundation for the home, so it's essential that it is stable and sturdy. It needs to be able to handle the weight of not only the tiny house but also the people that will be living in it and additional guests. Then there is the furniture and other items that go along with small house living. That's why this trailer is a triple axle trailer that is rated for 7,000 pounds on each axle. The trailer also features electric breaks on all three of the axles too. They went with a regular wood frame and used some reclaimed yet modern windows. The windows are an area where you can save a lot of money if you can find quality windows for less. Just make sure that they are adequately insulated for the climate you live in. For the insulation, they used spray foam insulation which is popular for tiny houses on wheels because of its performance, and it is very lightweight.

You can see that the cedar siding has been treated using a unique technique called Shou Sugi Ban which chars the wood and then it's sealed with linseed oil. This technique is an affordable and attractive way to not only protect the wood on your home from water damage but also fire damage as well. They went with a pine wood interior and hardwood oak flooring throughout. For the ceilings, they were able to use reclaimed barn wood, and for the roof, they used corrugated black metal. One of the essential things in a tiny house, especially for those in colder climates, is the heater. In this tiny house they used a Dickinson 9000 propane heater which is an excellent tiny house heater, and then they also installed a wood burning stove from Marine Stoves called the Little Cod. It's also a good idea to have a couple of different heat sources that vary between electric, propane or wood fueled. That way you always have a backup to keep you warm in case one heating source fails in the cold weather. Check out the rest of this great small house design and see what you think.***

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