Ford Motor Company Contributes $400,000 to Provide 25 Tiny Houses for Homeless Detroit Residents

Tiny houses are wonderful for a variety of reasons, one of them being that they can be a means of affordable housing for people. One of the cities that faces housing crisis is Detroit, where many people are living under the poverty line. Knowing this and then finding out about tiny house building Detroit City Ford Motor Company decided to invest in their community by building tiny houses for homeless and low-income people. They decided to make a major investment of

$400,000 in Cass Community Social Services tiny homes project in hopes to revitalize the city. The plan is to build tiny houses for 25 people, the sizes of the tiny houses will range from 250 square feet to 400 square feet, and the very first tiny house was completed in September of 2016. Once the homes are finished, they'll be rented out to people who are currently homeless and then the remaining tiny houses will go to low-income or no-income people. They can also go to seniors, college students, and any staff members of Cass. Unlike many of the other tiny house building projects like this one, Cass' program have created a rent to own program so that the residents can eventually own their own tiny house.

They begin by signing a one-year lease with the rent being no more than a third of their monthly income. Then, every year, they will reassess their income and make any changes to their monthly rent. Once the person has been living in the house for three years, they will offer the resident a land contract which will be accumulative of their rent for the next four years. So once seven years of rent has been paid in full, the resident will become the legal owner of the home and land. This is an amazing program and offers hope to people who otherwise may not have even thought they could own a home of their own in their lifetime. Homes are the foundation of our lives so by offering this to people who really need it, Cass and Ford are giving back to their community in a big way. You can see one of the tiny houses being finished up in the B-Roll footage from Ford, but this will be the only one like it. Each home will look different with a different layout and style. They're building every style of home from Victorian to contemporary style houses.

The interior design of the houses is beautiful providing not only a safe space but a very fresh and stylish place to live that the future residents will feel really good about. Instead of just providing these people with a temporary shelter, they will be given an opportunity to have something that is their own. They can even pass it onto their children and grandchildren. Small house living is a wonderful solution to many of the world's poverty issues, especially in the United States where there is a drastic amount of homeless and no-income individuals. There are a number of cities and communities pulling together to create tiny house villages for the less fortunate which is a very beautiful thing to see. Then other cities and communities see them doing it and get inspired to create tiny house communities for their own communities. Tiny houses are a wonderful way for anyone who wants to own a home of their own but can't afford the ridiculous prices in the housing market these days. You can build your own tiny house for $20,000 or less depending on how you choose to build it. Check out the video footage on YouTube to see one of these fabulous houses.***

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