Fabulous Do It Yourself Hobbit Hole Costs Only $300 To Build!

When it comes to small house living, there are many ways to get the tiny house building of your dreams. One form of tiny house building is a multi-purpose dome that can serve as a storage shed or pantry above ground, or as a root cellar or a storm shelter below the ground. For these unique small house plans, there is no building permit typically needed, because the tiny house building is below the minimum size that is required by building codes, and it is not inhabited and is also not attached to a residence. Earthbag unique small house plan can provide a cool space in the summer and warm space in the winter and can be ideal for both humans and animals. This means that an earthbag tiny house building is well suited for a variety of purposes, as an artist studio, writers retreat or a place to play music. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, the most practical combination of uses for an earthbag tiny house building might be a root cellar or pantry for daily use and a disaster shelter for use in emergencies such as hurricanes or tornadoes. The key concept of what makes earthbag unique small house plans work is corbelling. This means that each row of bags is inset slightly from the last course below. Corbelled domes homes made of adobe and stone have been built for thousands of years. That same concept has been applied to earthbags in the last few decades. You will want to take a look at these unique small house plans to determine whether or not they might work for you.

There are several benefits to earthbag unique small house plans. Some of the benefits of earthbag tiny house buildings are they are inexpensive, easy to learn and to build with, ecological as they use mostly earth, versatile in their unique building styles, durable, earthquake proof, flood proof and bullet resistant. Other benefits of these unique small house plans are that they can be either insulation or thermal mass, non-toxic and uses a simple foundation. Any dome tiny house building uses very little wood, steel, or concrete to build, which eliminates the need to use these building materials that hurt the environment. The benefits of earthbag tiny house building include lower cost for building materials, thicker walls that are more secure from the elements and also provide insulation from noise, these unique small house plans are generally a more sustainable building choice because they mostly use natural building materials. The process of earthbag building is easily learned and can easily be built by unskilled labor which is often possible to build on a simple rubble trench foundation.

An earthbag tiny house building can last a very long time since the earthen building material in the bags will not deteriorate, which is similar to all other earthen building methods, so these unique small house plans can easily last for centuries if they are properly maintained. Are they rain, flood, wind or fireproof? And earthbags can withstand most anything mother nature throws at them from rain, floods, wind, earthquakes and fire. Energy efficiency. Earthbag tiny house buildings boast excellent thermal mass. An earthbag tiny house building stores both heat and cool. There is no need for an air conditioner in the hot summer, and in winter if you place your windows strategically to absorb the maximum sunlight, your tiny house building is cozy and warm long after the sun goes down.

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