Elevating bed makes for more spacious tiny house

Building a tiny house from scratch is an excellent way to implement your own design and architectural features, so you get the home you've dreamed of. Your small house design should reflect your personal style and, of course, your daily needs. It's especially important to implement storage into your small house design when you have more than one person living in it. Couples living in tiny houses on wheels together find that having adequate storage results in a clutter-free tiny home environment. Things can tend to get pretty messy in your small house when you don't have a place to put everything or a way to hide clutter when you don't want to see it. Many people who are building a tiny house install many different cubbies into their design which keeps items really organized and neat. There are cool designs for stairs that are made up of the various sized cubbies that act as drawers and little closets to store everything from shoes and coats to laundry machines or cleaning supplies.

The other thing that many people wonder about within the tiny home is the closet space and if there is enough to hold all of their clothing. People who are going tiny tend to have a more minimalistic approach to life in general, so they don't have a lot of clothes to store away anyhow. If they do, they make space for a closet that will be able to handle their quantity of clothing and shoes to make it work for them, while sacrificing space in other areas of the home like the kitchen or the bathroom. Some of the larger designs can fit it all into the space with no compromises which makes everyone happy and comfortable. One of the other ways to save space in a tiny house is to allow rooms and spaces to have multiple purposes, as well as the furniture in the home. For example, the kitchen table could serve as the dining space as well as an office desk throughout the day. It's great that laptops are so easy to set up and put away at the end of the day allowing the spaces to function seamlessly. You could also set up a bed like the one you see here that elevates when you're not using it, creating lots of space in the living area of the home. The elevator bed works on a pulley system allowing the bed to move up and down with just the touch of a button. They used a garage door system to accomplish this, and it only cost around $500 US. When the bed is lifted, the couch turns into a full sized bed with storage inside as well, making great use of the living room space.

This small house design also incorporates a ton of great storage features like handmade hooks for coats and keys, as well as a shoe bench to take off and put on boots and shoes and to store extra outdoor gear in. There are also great hanging baskets on the walls which allow for maximum storage and a great drop off zone when you enter the house. The kitchen is a very simple design with just a small fridge and a sink with a microwave for cooking. There's also an all in one washer and dryer in the kitchen hidden away in the kitchen. The bathroom is small, but it's super functional and even has a little pull out closet space. If you're building a tiny house Ana White always has some amazing ideas for tiny houses on wheels, so check out this feature from New Atlas on her and one of her tiny home designs.***

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