Adorable 272 Square Feet Domed Tiny House from Barrett Leisure for $30,000

Building a log home or cabin can be exciting, but it can also be a lot of work. That's why it's great there are log home kits available which make building a log house or cabin so much easier if you're doing it on your own. This is one of the many log home plans and designs out there, and it's called the Toulouse from Barretts, a company in the United Kingdom that sells log home kits as well as kits for sheds, gazebos, and more. Getting one of these log house kits would be a great way to get the job done for any building you have in mind. When you order a prefab log home kit, you'll receive everything you will need to build the log house, cabin or shed you want. Barretts uses high-quality, hand selected logs for all of their prefab structures. They also only use environmentally friendly wood products from Sustainable Northern European Forests. Even if you're not buying a log house kit from this company, be sure to check into whether or not the company uses sustainable materials. When you order a log home kit all of the pieces to build your log home plan, and design will be included and will be pre-cut and labelled making it very efficient to build.

The wood in the log home kits from Barretts will not be treated; however, you can pay extra to get a coloured glaze or solid coloured finish in your choice of two different colours. There are also options for the roofing materials as well so you can really customize your home design to your needs. The other thing that you'll need to keep in mind when you're building a log house or cabin is your foundation. Companies selling log home kits won't usually come with a foundation placement. So you will need to be responsible for arranging that yourself and hiring people to do it or learning how to do it for yourself. Before even setting the foundation, you will also have to choose a place on your property to build your log house or cabin. It's always best to pick a flat piece of land if you're building the log home kit yourself. If you want to get fancier with your build, it's best to hire professionals to build your log home or cabin.

Even if you buy a DIY home kit like this, you can still hire a contractor to help you build or to build the entire thing for you. Even just having some help from a friend or family member will help you out a lot. So what would you use a log house like this one for? Many people use them as vacation cabins while others build them as tiny houses to live in. You can even use the smaller units as home offices, gyms or studios and guesthouses. This log home plan and design is nice since it has two levels. On the main level is a kitchen and a living space and a spiral staircase accesses the top floor. Up there, you could put a bed to sleep in and even a small desk to write or work at. It would also be great to build a balcony or a deck onto the log house to make more use out of the outdoor space surrounding the house. As you can see in the photos of the log house on Barretts, they went with a concrete patio which would be easy to put in place and affordable too. Check out more photos of this design and other log home plans and designs on the website.***

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