399 Square Foot Tiny House Complete with a White Picket Fence

If your dream of that perfect home with the white picket fence seems to be just out of reach, perhaps you can try out a tiny house like this one featured on Tiny House. The tiny house on wheels was for sale back in August of 2017, so it may already have sold, but you can still get some serious inspiration from this Dallas small house design. This is a larger small house design with 399 square feet and two bedrooms. It was listed for $60,000 for everything you see in the photos, including the white picket fence on the porch. It's not really a white picket fence, but the railings really look like a white picket fence, so it's close enough. The rest of the exterior is very charming as well with subdued neutral light yellow siding and white trim. The porch isn't just a small porch on the back of the tiny house either. It wraps around the tiny house, and there's even a fan out there for those hot Texan days. The home is entered through double doors, and inside, the home is so spacious with tall ceilings, tons of windows and a broader floor plan than most tiny houses on wheels.

They went with neutral tones inside the home which really helps keep that open, airy feel. They also kept that going in the kitchen area with the white cabinets and countertops. The kitchen area is equipped with stainless steel appliances that include a full-size refrigerator, stove and oven, and even a dishwasher. Not only is there a ton of storage in the kitchen cabinets but there is also great storage within the large island. One of the areas in any home that seems to need the most storage is in the kitchen. You need storage for your food, first of all, then you need more places to put your dishes and cutlery as well as all of your food prep items and small appliances. So when you're creating a small house design of your own, and you know you love to cook and bake, make sure that you include plenty of storage for ingredients and all of your cookware, bakeware and kitchen tools and appliances. It's even a good idea to get appliances that can do multiple actions all in one unit like an Instant Pot or a high powered blender that can also be a food processor.

The living room in this small house design is ready for comfortable small house living. It features an entire wall of windows and enough space for a full-sized couch or two large chairs. There is also a large closet in the living area, and then, up the staircase, there is a loft bedroom with enough room for a king-sized bed. If you're planning a small house design, be sure to put as many windows as you can in the loft spaces so that you have proper ventilation and air flow as well as to make the area feel larger by allowing natural light in. This tiny house doesn't just have the loft bedroom either; there is a master suite on the main floor with plenty of space. This tiny house on wheels would be perfect for those who want to experience small house living but they don't want to go as small as some of the really tiny houses out there. Keep in mind that a tiny house like this one would be best for a permanent location or to only be moved a few times. Check out all of the gorgeous photos of this lovely little home an see what you think of it.***

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