25 Plans to Build Your Own Fully Customized Tiny House on a Budget

Have you been loving all of the new tiny houses you've seen on TV and online? Maybe seeing all of these cute, affordable and efficient houses has gotten you in the mood to design and build your very own small house design. Tiny house building isn't much different from building a regular house, just on a smaller scale. This can bring its own set of challenges though too since you have to fit all of your living needs into one small space. Small house design has definitely come a long way since people first started tiny house building. There seem to be more and more innovations becoming available every day including different storage solutions, sleeping arrangements and even features for pets and those with mobility issues. Tiny Houses is a great website that features all of the latest and greatest in small house design and tiny house building including all of this excellent design information. They recommend the website Pin-Up Houses as a starting point for those who want to build their own tiny house whether it's on a foundation or on a trailer.

Pin-Up Houses was created by Joshua Woodsman, who graduated from Czech Technical University in the Department of Architecture, in Prague. Since Prague has such a vast cottage culture, Joshua decided to create some small house designs for anyone who wanted to build one. So on this website, you can buy plans for tiny houses, cottages, playhouses, and sheds for affordable prices. He also has a step-by-step DIY guide available as well as lists of all the materials, tools list, and construction progress diagrams. Most of the projects can be completed for around $10,000, and there are even some small house designs that can be built for less. If you are deciding to build a tiny house of your own, even though it's a lot of work, it can be gratifying to be able to live in the house you built yourself. You could also build one and just use it as a cottage or a rental too. The most important thing is to find a design that works for you which is why these small house design ideas are so valuable.

The first tiny house you see in the list on Tiny Houses is the Magdalene small house design which is very quirky and quaint. The walls of this small house lean to one side like it could be pushed over, but it is built strong enough that it wouldn't. Not only does this interesting angle give the house a really unique design, but it also provides more space within the tiny house as well. With this design and any of the other small house designs on the Pin-Up Houses website, you can customize them to suit your needs and change up the colours as needed too. Many of these designs feature large windows and even full walls of windows to allow in bright light and to open the space up to the outside world. This is always a great idea when you're building a tiny house. Another great idea is keeping ceilings as high as you can which creates a feeling of openness. There is even a small house design that is built on water for those who like an aquatic lifestyle too. They don't really have any of their small house designs on wheels, but you could suit some of the smaller floor plans to fit on a trailer if you want a mobile tiny house. Check out all of the different plans and designs and see which ones stand out the most to you.***

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