1420 Modern Cabin Tiny House by Kanga Room Systems

A cute modern tiny house by Kanga Room Systems could be perfect for many different uses. A tiny house like this could be great for use as a guest house or a rental unit, or even a studio space. It could even be great for small house living for the right person or people or as a vacation home to visit on holiday. This small house design from Kanga Room Systems is their 14 foot by 20-foot tiny house kit, and as you can see in the photos, it's being used as an artists studio space out by a pool. They also have small house designs for cabins, sheds, add-on rooms, storage rooms, and children's playhouses. All of their small house designs can be modified to suit the customer's needs and style. You could also use their designs as inspiration for your own unique small house design. Kanga Room Systems homes come as DIY kits that can be easily assembled on your own. If you'd rather not assemble it on your own, the company will send out someone to assemble it for you. That means you could have a tiny house almost instantly that you can use for a variety of purposes. Since building a tiny house all on your own can be a lot of work buying a kit or a shell is an excellent idea if you don't want to do everything yourself.

The other nice thing about the tiny houses from this company is that they are all environmentally friendly and are made in the United States in Texas. They use sustainable materials as much as they can, and they are always open to new environmentally friendly and sustainable small house design ideas. They also have turnkey options, but these are only available in Texas. The basic shell of the tiny house will include a stone and skid foundation as well as the two by four construction, two by six rafters with Roof Decking, roof insulation, pine tongue and groove ceiling panelling, lap siding, a steel door, and the windows. Customers can add to their small house design and certain aspects of the shell cost extra, so be sure you understand what you're getting with the price of a shell. Customers will also have to arrange the wiring and plumbing themselves or hire a contractor. Usually, it's best to hire a contractor for these aspects of the build just so you know that your home is safe, secure and up to code.

Since this artist's studio isn't a full-time residence for small house living there isn't a bedroom, but there is a kitchenette and a bathroom. You could also modify this plan to have a bedroom area if you needed one, or a bed could be put in the little area by the living room. You could also add in appliances as well with all of the cabinetry. They put a composting toilet in the bathroom along with a vanity and sink as well as a shower. So someone could live out there in a bachelor small house living situation. If you're thinking of building your own tiny house on a foundation, these Kanga tiny houses would be great for small house living or for a studio space. Even if you don't build one of their specific models, you could also just pull ideas from their small house designs and then use them toward your own small house design. They have other options besides this tiny house as well so make sure you take a look at all of the design options for more small house living inspiration.***

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